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I want to take a moment to thank my loyal customers for your support over that last 32 years.

I have been humbled by your continued support.

Please know that I am here to help in these very challenging times. 


Fall is here and Old man Winter is on the Way!

Now taking appointments for Winterization of your Boat-

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There are many opinions as to what should be done on a vessel for winterization, and what should wait until the glorious sunshine has cast its shimmer on the beckoning waters, awakening boating season and the need for summerization.


If you’ve consulted with several repair facilities, you may also have gotten several different responses and are now more confused than ever. Even the prices can vary by margins of nearly $150.00.


So, who do you trust?


We’re here to tell you that…

  • At Gonyea’s Marine  Dr. Dave,  will never steer you wrong or guide you towards unnecessary boat repair services or unfair prices.
  • Helping you maintain the condition of your boat so that you are always ready to hit the water at full speed ahead, is what we do all day, everyday!
  • We don’t just repair boats we "educate" boaters.
  • Our reputation for providing dedicated, honest, knowledgeable service is something we value, that we can pass onto our clients.
  • Members of the BBB with a top rating.

Dos and Don'ts of Boat Winterization

  1. Change oil and filter? Yes, It is good to have fresh lubricant around metal surfaces before a long storage and should be changed again in the spring.
  2. Fuel filter? No, This should be changed in the spring service. Having a new filter installed before storage is just wasting your money.
  3. Ignition components, i.e. plugs, cap, rotor? No, These also should be changed in the spring service.
  4. Drain fuel from carburetor and/or fuel injection system? No, Stabilized fuel will be viable for up to eight months. Also, by removing fuel air is present and oxidation will only start when air is present.
  5. Removal of water impeller? No, Let me get this one straight. They want to remove an old impeller and install it back in the spring. It should simply be replaced in the spring. This is a good practice due to the high amount of debris in our waterways.
  6. Fog internal engine? Yes, This will keep the upper cylinder walls above pistons lubricated so rust pits will not deteriorate piston ring sealing. Also this will break down carbon deposits on top of pistons and valves. That is why the carbon contaminated oil should be changed in the spring.
  7. Drain all systems that have fresh water? Yes, Remove the water or possible freeze cracking can occur. Also add antifreeze to systems remembering where there is air there will be oxidation.
  8. Loosen all drive belts? Yes, Loosening drive belts can increase belt longevity. However a good practice is to service your belts every year. A broken belt could ruin your vacation and a lot is said for peace of mind.
  9. Stabilize fuel? Yes, Gasoline can loose it's vitality in four months. Eventually gasoline that has deteriorated puts a coat of varnish inside fuel components limiting fuel flow; not to mention the problems with E 10.

Winterization Check List

1.       Change Oil and Filter

2.       Fog Internal Engine

3.       Drain all Systems that have Fresh Water

4.       Add Antifreeze

5.       Check Transmission Or In/Out Board for needed service

6.       Stabilize Fuel

7.       Disconnect Power Supply

Summer Service Check List

Our 31 Point Check List Includes:


1.       Change Oil and Filter

2.       Change Fuel Filter

3.       Service I/O, trans, v-drive

4.       Optiscope sea pump impeller

5.       Ignition components inspection

6.       Start & Test Vessel


You will also receive our customized personal service worksheet  for your records.

The 31 Point Check List also includes TRAILER SERVICE

Now that you know WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO...

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 Boat Winterization & Summer Service
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